Our services go beyond our core business of machining. We provide a comprehensive range of services based on open communications with our customers, understanding your needs and the ability to offer innovative and cost efficient technical solutions.

Co design
To obtain the best possible product design before manufacturing and to reduce costs in a win- win approach, we work on a partnering basis with the design offices of our customers to offer:

  • Design assistance
  • Advice to optimize the industrialization

Project management

We provide project management services for complex parts in terms of kitting and mechanical sub-assembly. We manage the specialist suppliers.

A dedicated contact will follow your order from start to delivery and will keep you informed of progress.

We integrate our customers’ timetables directly into our ERP. A load/capacity analysis by machine type in 3 shifts is regularly carried out to help make decisions on the need for overtime or night working.
Our working capital allows important product storage and a security stock management.

Our procurement and logistic department manages a wide network of qualified suppliers of :

  • Raw Materials

Metals ( Bars, cuttings, forging and casting blanks… ) and composites ( Bars, tubes, sheets, , RTM… ) : SUCHIER has high working capital dedicated to raw material procurement, especially in the case of long manufacturing lead times.

  • Miscellaneous components:
    In case of kitting or mechanical assembly, we source components such as hardware, rings, helicoils, springs…
  • Surface treatments:
    phosphating, anodizing, painting, nickel plating, silver plating, chrome plating, cadmium plating…
  • Heat treatments and mechanical testing: traction, resilience, tenacity…
  • EDM, rectification, boring, hobbing, broaching, grinding, polishing…
  • Non destructive tests: magnetoscopic, penetrant, ultrasonic testings
  • Testings: pressure, sealing…