SUCHIER SAS has over 50 years of experience in the machining and precision mechanical engineering sector.
We have built strong partnerships with our customers, in order to further their development. Prestigious customers from a variety of activities trust us, as their continued loyalty shows.
Company development is increasingly focused on market sectors with demanding technical and organizational requirements, and on premium products that reflect an excellent mastery of industrial processes.

The SUCHIER team demonstrate great involvement, motivation and professionalism and strives to increasingly satisfy its customers in terms of quality, service, delivery time and improvement plans. Our continuous improvement approach includes an industrial excellence objective that aims to optimise flow management, reduce costs, and bring out the employees’ potential by providing excellent working conditions and environment. Such commitment underlines our determination to meet the existing and future needs of our customers.

Because investing in the state of the art and most efficient technical means is not sufficient to succeed, SUCHIER relies on the employee values and skills. An active skill management policy is applied with a high level recruitment and an annual strategic training plan: continuous skill improvement, new needs to consider…

SUCHIER is 100% family owned company. The goal is to maintain the company wealth with a strong financial structure and a sustained investment policy that guaranty production means at the cutting edge of technology.

Our location in Ardeche, South East of France, in the Rhone valley, provides a great closeness with the major communication ways: 10 minutes from A7 highway. We take advantage of a closed and dense SME network in the field of complementary special processes, which is a Rhone Alps region particularity.